Foundation That Makes Your Skin Look Its Best | #EvenBetter | Clinique

Have you ever applied a foundation, then looked in the mirror, and thought that it actually made your skin look worse instead of better? That’s because full coverage foundations can sometimes settle into creases, making lines and pores look more pronounced. And the drier you skin is, the harder it is to maintain a fresh radiant glow. Makeup artist Yacine Diallo shows how to make your skin look radiant, plump and poreless with Even Better Refresh Hydrating and Repairing Makeup.

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  1. Funny Girl says:

    I am doing something wrong. I almost never succeed in a flawless application around the nose and the mouth. am I rubbing too much? is it the moisturizer underneath? would I need to apply the foundation immediately before the moisturizer dries down or sinks in?

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