Little Mermaid Dinglehopper Brush & Mirror | Disney DIYs🐚

Showing you how I made a fin-tasctic (yes I know) mirror and brush inspired by Disney's The Little Mermaid! Made these using things from the Dollar Tree! Instagram: Previous video: Vintage Thrift Spring Haul: Not sponsored, all opinions my own. 😋 #DisneyDIYs #TheLittleMermaid Ariel, the little mermaid, Disney, Disney DIYs, Retro DIYs, Retro, 90s, Vintage Style, 80's, Vicky Bermudez, DIYs, DIY brush, DIY mirror, mermaid diys, mermaids, dinglehopper, disneyland, Disney world, mermaid crafts, arts & crafts, vintage, dollar tree diys, dollar tree, little mermaid 30th anniversary, international mermaid day

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