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You all know that on my channel I am not afraid of using color in my makeup looks but I am aware that many people don’t gravitate towards the amount of color that I use and also many folks aren’t comfortable using color in general. So in this series I will show you all how I would ease into using color in my makeup application. Up first Lips, as I state in the video they key to making any lip color work is going to be your lip liner. I can wear the palest color and still get it to work because of a good lip liner.

Products Mentioned
*ABH Pink Tourmaline:
*ABH Purple Reign:
*Gerard Cosmetics Mai Tai:
*Coloured Raine Cherry Blossom:
*Colourpop Arriba:
*Smashbox Maneater:
Lip Liners: (Various Colors)

Whats On My Face
*Estee Lauder Doublewear 6W1:
*Too Faced Multisculpting Concealer:
*Beauty Bakerie Flour Powder:
*Danessa Myricks Evolution Powder:
*Laura Mercier Transulent Glow Powder:
*Benefit Goof Proof:
Marena Beaute Ebene:

Foundation Routine:
Brow Routine:

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  1. Keeping it Simple with Bridget says:

    Very helpful and really detailed on how to wear lipsticks. I love blue base red lipsticks. They are so gorgeous. It seems like here lately tho i’ve been gravitating towards nudes especially if I have a bold eye look. Thanks for sharing!πŸ€—πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘ŒπŸΏ

  2. Renee Williams says:

    I don’t think I saw the liners listed. Did I miss it?

  3. Marlana Myers says:

    I like liquid lipsticks but I always feel the need to put a bullet lipstick under them for comforts sake. Cherry Blossom is my go too red but in order for it to not flake away I have to go in first with the bullet version. It’s beautiful but I hate the wasted product.

    Also, I’m really looking forward to the eyes video in this series. I’m not afraid of color but I’m hoping you’ll cover some tips on getting color to show up on the lower lash line. The lower lash line is my arch nemeses. I use UD Primer Potion and, even with that, I struggle with color impact and longevity. Which confuses me because that’s not a problem on my lid, only on the lower lash line. I have to pack on a ton of product to get any color to show up and then, because I don’t often wear complexion products, as soon as the oils from my skin get to it, it’s curtains. I’m hoping you’ll have some advice for this because I feel like few people talk about the lower lash line being a problem.

    • Marlana Myers says:

      +Ashley Kristena Yah sadly. Cherry Blossom honestly doesn’t feel too uncomfortable but I end up with red flakes all over my teeth throughout the day. The cream lipsticks stops it from flaking. Also, I just find that liquid lipsticks wears much nicer with that extra layer. It sucks so have to use two lipsticks but the outcome is so beautiful I suck it up.

      And I’ll definitely look out for that video. At this point I’ll take any tips you have lol

    • Ashley Kristena says:

      Really, damn that suxs the only LL i cant wear without doing something to it is La Splash. I filmed the lower lash line this past weekend it will be up next monday, I hope it will help, I tried to cover everything I could think of lol. If not we can brainstorm in the group lol


    One of my favorite combos is a purple liner like nightmoth with a bold red lipstick. It can also look great with pink.

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