Retro Inspired Late 80’s/Early 90’s Lookbook (Mostly Thrifted)

Fresh Prince of Bel Air meets Friends, meets Captain Marvel grunge? Lol yeah I dunno. Just a lookbook with a big ol’ mix of styles from the late 80’s/early 90’s. Hope you guys enjoy this different kind of retro video from the usual 40’s/50’s vintage fashion you see on here. I’ve been talking about bringing more 80’s and 90’s content to my channel and I’m excited to finally bring you a dedicated lookbook video! Check out some of my other retro/vintage videos: Vintage Try-On Spring Thrift Haul: Disney 90’s Retro DIYs: Harry Potter Vintage Lookbook: Autumn Vintage Lookbook: Most items are thrifted, details below: 1)“Purple Reign” -Sweater: Thrifted
-Belt: Thrifted
-Jeans: Thrifted
-Hat: Dollar Tree
-Sneakers: Converse 2) “Lucky Star”
-T-Shirt: Charisma Star
-Jean Vest: Thrifted -Jeans: Levi’s -Sneakers: Vans 3) “Teen Spirit” -Button-up Shirt: Thrifted
-Turtle Neck: Thrifted
-Beret: Thrifted
-Glasses: Amazon
-Pants: Levi’s
-Sneakers: Vans 4) “There for You” -Beret: Thrifted
-Dress: Blooming Jelly -Jean Jacket: Thrifted -Boots: Target 5) “Just a Girl” -Blouse: Thrifted
-Flannel Shirt: Thifted -Pants: Thrifted
-Beanie: Thrifted
-Glassed: Amazon
-Sneakers: Vans Music: Song title – by Jonny Easton
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