Simple Everyday Makeup Routine (No Foundation)

Hello Luvies!

This is my first video. There are so many things to improve but I hope you appreciate this video.

Just like what I’ve mentioned sa video ko, I’m planning to make a series here on my youtube channel about my Makeup Journey. Ipopost ko kung paano ako natuto magapply ng iba’t ibang makeup. If you are interested on my Makeup Journey, just click that SUBSCRIBE and BELL BUTTON to be notified whenever I post videos.
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God bless you, Luvies! Thank you for stopping by!


  1. Kim Gamboa says:

    Hello guys! Sorry for the low quality video. (Phone lang gamit ko huhu) I will do my best to make improvements! Aaand sorry for the lighting, nakaharap lang ako sa bintana namin hahaha.

    Thank you so much! ❤️

  2. cathlynyson13 says:


  3. Ralph Vernon Zaño says:


  4. Rae Gamboa says:

    Shout out naman dyan

  5. Ochey Lazo says:

    love it!!! TY sa tips siz

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